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Corona Vaccine: Fearless Faith

Corona Vaccine: Fearless Faith

The Corona Virus has been declared a worldwide pandemic. It has been a crazy week for us all, with lots of plans changing personally and professionally.

Today I had to make the final decision with my fiancé to postpone our wedding plans.  My initial thoughts, "Is this really happening after so much planning?!"

With so many family and friends traveling from all over the country, it was the best decision to make. As I called all of our vendors to figure out our new plan, I could feel the panic in so many voices.

I found myself getting worried as well and then stopped to ask myself--what lesson could we all take from such an "unknown time"?

The irony is-- I designed this necklace to say 'fearless faith', because that is what I believe is one of the best things to constantly pursue in life.



Even before the Corona Virus, we all had other battles or hardships to work through. Walking with God, it does not mean we will not face hardship, but it DOES change how we handle them. 

I do not want to discount the pain and hardship this is causing all of us, but I want to encourage you to use this experience as a way to press into God's promises for us. Standing on those promises, and encouraging our loved ones with fearless faith.

He will not forsake us, will never leave us, works ALL things for good and is our Father. As we follow the instruction of our nation's leaders, remember we find our hope ultimately in God. When you truly meditate on drawing your peace from realizing we are God's children and He is here with us, it's incredible how fear of the unknown loses its power. 

A lesson I know I am personally drawing from this experience:

Learning to focus on overcoming the realities of life, instead of dwelling on how we think things "should be".

I remember once hearing someone say,  “Very often, people have a hard time taking God at His word. But If God says it, that settles it, and there’s absolutely no reason to doubt it.”

Deuteronomy 31:6 says, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” 

Let's remind each other to let that passage serve as a benchmark in our everyday lives.

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