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Finding Your Life Team

Finding Your Life Team

What do you think of when you hear the word 'community'? What visuals pop into your mind? Some may think of community as a location or specific place, but I want to address the kind of community defined by a group of people having similar interests. Another way to word this is your friend group, crew, squad—whatever you want to call it. 

I’ll just be honest and upfront, it’s something I have lacked for years throughout my 20’s. I think there are a few reasons for that. The primary would be my profession working in media, constantly flying to shoots and locations across the world. A second, I would contribute to my love of travel and exploring. When I get free time, I want to plan a trip and explore somewhere cool!  I don’t think it’s that unique anymore to say ‘traveling is my hobby’.  It seems so many millennials love to travel and being a global citizen is almost the new way of our world now. It is almost in our DNA and fueled by platforms like Instagram, showcasing the next cool location or events to discover. This drastically differs from the ‘baby boomers generation’, where the kids and families on the block were just who you did life with.

My lifestyle has been one defined by my suitcase on wheels, serving as a portable closet. My open confession about lacking community doesn’t mean I do not have friends or am social, in fact I think because of my travels I have friends all over the place. It is so fun to be traveling for work and see people you know, its fueled me for quite some time. But I would be lying if I didn’t always have this thought in the back of my mind about some sort of ‘normal friend group’-one I could always go back to and just do life with. 

I recently had a major life transition where I really analyzed how I was living life and asking myself what is truly important? One thing my self talk immediately resorted to the voice I have shushed down for years saying to myself, “you need regular and stronger community”. 

I am a God fearing kinda woman and of course want to abide by The Bible’s teachings in every area of my life. So when I read different things in The Bible, and also look at Jesus’ life, I can see how much community is highlighted.  Jesus had a strong community, 12 disciples in fact! Rolling around dropping truth bombs and miracles together. Jesus wasn’t a solo rider, he had support, friendship and was *known* by these men. How wonderful is it to be known? I think thats why platforms like Facebook and Instagram are so popular, people want to be *known*. But are we really being known and connecting on a deep level through surface platforms or even a casual hang out here and there? No, I do not believe so. 

So what does that look like, having true and authentic community? And why is it important?

I believe community done right or even wrong, has the power to drastically change your life. Yep I said that..right or wrong. It can be done wrong in my opinion. I am not talking about just surrounding yourself with people to just have friends. But being intentional on your inner circle..lets say 3-4 friends to start with?


They are your ‘life team’.  When exploring this concept, questions to ask yourself can be as follows:


Who is your life team? Do you have one? If so, are they enriching and fueling your life? Are you fueling theirs? What do you center your time and conversation around? Are these things life giving? Do you grow personally from these relationships and encourage one another? Can you be open and honest, being accountability partners with one another?  Do they make your relationship with Jesus stronger? Do they help you make you the best version of yourself? Can you have true transparency and vulnerability with them without harsh judgment? 

I truly believe these are all imperative questions you must ask yourself and analyze with making your life team. 

Walking as a Christian today, life can get confusing easily. You truly are the company you keep, and you must ask yourself the kind of legacy you want to leave with how you guys are living? 

It is great to be friends with everyone, but walking as a Christian, I believe your life team should be people holding the same beliefs. Why? Because you have the same foundational beliefs to understand one another and life purpose. 

So if you do *or don’t* have community-  where do you start building this community? 

The obvious answer to start is church, which offer so many ways to connect with other believers. Its easy to let busy schedules and work stress serve as an excuse to not make this a priority, but I challenge you to change that…as I am doing it myself. Secondly, pray for God to bring you the right people in your life. Pray for Godly friends and see what He does! 

A third thing to do is to seek out someone older and wiser you really respect, almost a “mentor”. This can be so fueling for your life, to have someone you respect that you can go to. One of mine is a Godly woman named Dee who I absolutely adore, respect and can say anything to- and she always seems to speak wisdom into my life. 

As you build your ‘life team’, I believe this has the power to transform your day and mind by feeling a support system with people who truly *know* and care for you. 

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